Welcome to Limoncello South

Here we strive to bring you The Best Italian Food and cuisine worthy of the finest trattorias in Italy. As a family-owned restaurant, we consider it our mission to transport guests to the Bel Paese through every dish. Whether you’re seeking remarkable flavors or just searching for quality fare close at hand, we guarantee a meal that will delight both palette and soul.

At our establishment

We provide the Best Italian Food with the highest-quality regional ingredients and time-honored methods are foundations of every creation. Led by a chef with deep roots in Molise, our team dedicates itself to nuanced preparations celebrating Italy’s culinary diversity. From thin-crust pizzas blistered in our wood-fired oven to risottos simmered to creamy perfection, each item receives utmost care and attention to cultural integrity, ensuring the most authentic dining experience near you.

What sets our cuisine apart?

An unyielding commitment to genuineness passed down through the generations. We personally source select provisions direct from artisan growers and producers across the boot to faithfully retain the essence of traditional recipes. Whether indulging in a classic Margherita or a sumptuous lasagna, guests can enjoy the nuance that comes only from true craftsmanship.

Our ever-evolving menu aims to pay homage to Italy’s culinary splendors through varied selections catering all tastes. Some perennial top picks include an antipasti assortment of charcuterie, cheeses and pickled vegetables for a hearty start and tiramisu for a indulgent finale. Each plate showcases the finest techniques ensuring consistently remarkable fare with every visit.

We take pride in serving both locals and visitors to New Smyrna Beach, providing a welcoming space for family meals, dates or celebrations alike amid comforting surroundings. If you seek remarkable cuisine close at hand, look no further—we guarantee great service and The Best Italian Food New Smyrna has to offer. Come savor the difference passion and heritage make.

How To Prepare Food

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